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Our team consists of 60 smart and creative colleagues.

We all share a passion for fresh content that motivates people to learn and grow beyond their horizons. Because we’re convinced: Only content that people love works.

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Customer Superheroes – Solution Finders – Mile Hoarders

Our team of consultants leaves no stone unturned to find exactly the right solution that will delight you and your target group; one that meets your goals. So, pick up the phone or drop us an email! Our colleagues are always happy to talk to you about our explainer videos and e-learning solutions.

Ann Kristin Herth
Head of Sales

Andreas Schatz
Key Account Manager

Anissa Wossidlo
Account Manager

Ken Weid
Senior Account Manager

Lisa Gruber
Inside Sales Manager

Lioba Göllmann
Senior Inside Sales Manager

Marina Zauner
Inside Sales Manager

Nicola Langen
Country Manager Switzerland

Noah Walz
Sales Manager

Thomas von Festenberg-P.
Senior Partner


All-Rounders – Word Acrobats – Didactic Masters

From media pedagogues and linguists, to industrial psychologists, political scientists and journalists, our heterogeneous team of communication professionals makes sure that every message comes across and is remembered. Their combined expertise in didactics, storytelling and complexity minimization makes every learning sequence a journey of discovery, every explainer video an enlightening experience and every topic, no matter how complex, short, simple and easy to understand.

Torben Dietrich
Head of Conception

Anabel Burmeister
Conception Specialist

Carolin Blenn
Conception Specialist

Claudio Höll
Conception Specialist

Ilona Schmuttermaier
Conception Specialist

Jakob C. Hüsken
Conception Specialist

Julia Barthelmeus
Conception Specialist

Katharina Paßmann
Conception Specialist

Miriam Kehl
Conception Specialist

Susanne Heindl
Conception Specialist

Susanne Weisse
Conception Specialist

Teresa Schindler
Conception Specialist

Tristan Holzapfl
Conception Specialist

Ulrike Ziegler
Conception Specialist


Eagle Eyes – Color Gurus – Style Freaks

Learning by seeing. Attractive visual features are central to putting the fun into learning: Thanks to our designer team, our e-learning solutions and explainer videos are visual delights that make you come back for more, suit your company perfectly and shine with intuitive interfaces.

Sebastian Fröhlich
Head of Design

André Roquette Almeida

Manuel Schäfer

Rebeca Mandlberger

Robert Wolff

Interactive Team

Lateral Thinkers – Code Heroes – Methodology Masterminds

Our interactive team helps our Consulting department find the very best e-learning solution for you and is responsible for your project’s strategic product development, as well as technical support. Here everything comes together: all the departments involved in producing our e-learning solutions.

Carsten Albus
Product Manager E-Learning

Chatrina Haimerl
E-Learning Developer

Ellen Häschel
E-Learning Developer

Martin Brock
E-Learning Developer

Niko von Tippelskirch
E-Learning Developer

Motion Design

Film Lovers – Animation Cracks – 3D Geniuses

Our Motion Design team brings pixels to life and injects momentum into your topic. Whether it’s 3D or motion capturing, our Motion Design team makes the impossible possible while keeping the didactic goal firmly in view.

Jacques Alomo
Head of Motion Design

Elisa Schlegel
Team Leader Motion Design

Alexander Schmidt
Motion Designer

Christoph Blome
Motion Designer

Jann Zurbuchen
Motion Designer

Jennifer Lemberger
Motion Designer

Marie Upadek
Motion Designer

Michael Klahm
Motion Designer


Brand Protectors – Online Champions – Communication Experts

The heart of a brand only beats if it mirrors the people behind it. This cardio fine-tuning is the remit of our Marketing colleagues. Plus, the Marketing team makes sure you have all our company’s important news so that you can feel the heartbeat too.

Nicole Meinholz
Head of Marketing

Barbara Bachhuber
Communications Designer

Christian Michler
Marketing Manager

Sandrine Kienzle
Marketing Manager

Even more team

Organization Maestros – Streamliners – IT Experts

There is a whole group of people who streamline operations at youknow so that things run smoothly and our team can concentrate fully on you and your project: project management, IT and Back Office. And our Managing Directors and founders, Friedl and Patrick, are always one step ahead and race from one meeting to the next. In short, they have loads to do, which is where the MD assistants come in.

Friedl Wynants
Founder and Managing Director

Patrick Wiebe
Founder and Managing Director

Annalena Moritz
Managing Directors Assistant

Bernhard Schmidt
Project Manager

Danny Korpan

Lisa Gruber
Inside Sales Manager

Marcel Marseiler
Project Manager

Nicola Wörle
Project Manager

Nicole Pfohl
Office Manager


Make a difference with us!

Wanted: Lateral thinkers, pixel heroes, communication experts and design gods. We are always on the lookout for talent. Find out more on our Job page.

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