T-Mobile Austria – training with a difference

Your takeaway from this article

  • What have interactive explainer videos got to offer?
  • How T-Mobile Austria uses interactive explainer videos
  • How interactions get employees – and customers – on board

T-Mobile Austria Case Study: Training with a difference

Using an LTE figure to test how fast your reaction is compared with the standard mobile LTE in a training course? Unimaginable? Not for T-Mobile Austria. Even more so, if the action takes place in a form conducive to the digital age. This may sound strange at first, but it’s self-explanatory in terms of background and goals. Let’s start at the beginning.

The problem:

The Austrian mobile phone company T-Mobile Austria was looking for a way to communicate training content to employees. Specifically, there were two topics: “Customer loyalty” and “LTE” T-Mobile Austria wanted to go one step further with the training: The learning experience should not only transfer content to the staff’s long-term memories, but be enjoyable at the same time. The employees should then deploy the same enthusiasm when sharing their knowledge with their customers. T-Mobile Austria also subscribes to the idea: Duties don’t have to be tedious; they can be done with enthusiasm.

The solution:

It soon was obvious to us: An interactive explainer video fitted the bill perfectly. A short, compelling explanation of the topic punctuated with interactions. The interactions range from quizzes, through drag-and-drop exercises, to gamification elements. The interactions involve the employees in the topic and allow them to demonstrate or check their knowledge. Active participation also promotes long-term learning. Another aspect of the interactive explainer videos we designed for T-Mobile Austria was important: The fun factor! Interactions are an effective tool for making a topic easily digestible and captivating the viewer’s attention. The design focused on interactions that fulfilled all these criteria.

The route:

It didn’t take long to map the bare facts relating to the two topics “Customer loyalty” and “LTE.” The first video showed how important the behavior of each individual employee is in order to establish loyalty between the customer and the company. The second video covered a technical topic: Different mobile phone standards and of course, the current LTE mobile phone standard. We relished the fact that we had unlimited freedom in creating compelling and brief interactions. In the conception phase of the two interactive explainer videos, we collected a host of unusual ideas (and discarded just as many). Our colleagues from the technical side were deeply involved from the start – after all, we wanted to be sure that our ideas didn’t only look good in our heads, but could be implemented perfectly from a technical point of view. Collaborating closely with T-Mobile Austria and using their valuable input, we moved forward one step at a time from the concept to the narrator text and the storyboard, through to the final interactive explainer video.

The result:

Two short interactive explainer videos with gamification elements and moments of surprise show that learning can be fun and also spark joy at learning something new. And then of course there’s our little LTE figure. Go ahead and take a look:

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