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The talk today may be about the “learning organization”, but it is always people who are learning and making the difference at the company. That’s why our goal is to make it possible for every company to have a digital learning environment where the focus is on the individual.

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New tasks need new e-learning

Digitalization, Industry 4.0, New Work, lifelong learning – these are no longer just buzzwords, they shape the regular work day for many of us. New technologies are quickly gaining ground and those who operate them must constantly be equipped to use them. In the pursuit of efficiency, small and mid-sized companies are increasingly turning to digital learning environments and seeking out pragmatic e-learning solutions that are readily accepted and are fun and flexible to use.

Starting with guidance that helps you truly use the potential of digital learning, to learning technology that motivates and intuitively integrates learning in everyday situations, through to content that inspires learners and allows them to rise above their limits. All of this helps us ensure that corporate learning works – and it’s fun!

Our e-learning solutions

E-Learning content

Micro, mobile, video – how learning works today!

Whether an interactive explainer video, learning nugget or 360° video – our micro-learning solutions are the best way to learn. We develop individual learning content and entire learning journeys that are inspirational and effective.

Learning technologies

Simple, affordable and ready to roll – with the focus on the learner!

With our Learning Management System and our QuizApp, we offer an easy way for you to get started in your digital learning environment with learning that is fun.

Having the right strategy is key

We will speak with you about developing your e-learning strategies as we travel the path into and through the digital learning environment together. For instance, we help customers optimize processes for the production of e-learning content so they can make the most of the economic benefits of digital learning.

Companies from every industry make up our more than 700 customers, half of whom are DAX member companies – and all of them trust in our expertise: 100% of them are satisfied and 96% are even delighted with our working relationship.

What are your learning goals?

“Whether for a quick and easy start to digital learning or for digitization of an existing training strategy – we have the right tools and experience to assist you with your goals.”
Carsten Albus, Product Manager E-Learning

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