Blended learning

The best of both worlds

What’s better: Learning online or face-to-face? Why not both – offer your learners the flexibility they need.

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Better training results thanks to interactive trainings – digital and face-to-face

Blended learning is perfect for employee training as employees can easily integrate the self-paced online training units into their everyday life. Whether online trainings or face-to-face classes are the better choice in a given situation, depends on the learning objective of that training, i.e. whether it’s fact- or action-oriented. There’s no right or wrong – the right mix makes all the difference!

The right format at the right time

Blended learning gives you the flexibility to offer your learners the right learning format at the optimal time. This enables you to transfer knowledge more effectively and long-lasting.

Equal level of knowledge for everyone

Best case scenario: All learners complete the online training prior to the classroom phase and have the same level of knowledge once the latter starts. This ensures that no one is over- or underwhelmed in the classroom.

Save time and costs

With blended learning, only part of the training takes place in the classroom. This means that learners save commuting time and your organization can save on rental costs for seminar rooms.

Tackle any challenge with the youknow LMS

Reduce administrative efforts

One platform to organize face-to-face seminars and another one for webinars, WBTs, etc.? The youknow LMS makes it easy to manage and control online and offline courses alike – on one central platform. This enables you to save time on administrative tasks.

Diverse trainings increase the acceptance rate

Quizzes, online trainings, seminars, webinars, podcasts or videos – offer your learners diverse and entertaining learning content. This increases the acceptance for your trainings and ensures that learners retain the knowledge they gained.

Offer a personalized learning experience

Every person has their own preferred learning styles. Blended learning enables learners to choose the learning methods that work best for them personally. Use e-learning to convey the basics and ensure that learners gain the same level of knowledge. Based on that foundation, you can engage your learners in face-to-face lessons with interactive exercises.

Case studies

Find out how other organizations successfully use the youknow LMS for blended learning scenarios

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Easily and intuitively deliver learning content and track on site trainings – that was TopPharm’s objective. In this case study you´ll find out how the company achieved that goal with the support of the youknow LMS.

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IG Metall & Bund Verlag

Discover how IG Metall, in collaboration with the Bund Verlag, offers its learners an improved learning experience with digital learning journeys and face-to-face trainings.

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